|[Family History Videotaping___|

I've done a number of videotaping sessions with clients and their families. We tripod the camera and let it roll. The multi-generations get together in the living room and ask their elder family member questions formulated in a prior planning meeting. Questions like, "What was it like growing up in the Depression?" "What was great-grandpa like to live with?" "Can you tell us about school when you were a kid?" "Any memorable experiences?" "Any words of wisdom gleaned from your years?" During the planning session, all family members are asked for their input, including the very young. This engages everyone and gives the message that everyone in the family is important. In addition, future generations watching the video will be more interested in the questions asked by their peers.

I did one session with three siblings, all over 75, discussing their mother and father. You would have thought they had three different sets of parents, their experiences and perceptions were so different. These family histories have many uses. It helps the younger generations understand their roots and where certain family habits came from. It has a therapeutic and cathartic effect for the older, and creates beneficial family bonding.

If you are interested in such a video, please ask about it!